Wood is and always has been Eco Friendly

They call them antiques, collectibles, heirlooms.  Sold at auction, handed down in wills, and fought over at estate sales, you may call them what you like but there is all one common trait:  they are made of wood and they have and hold their value.  You will never have the opportunity to hand down an IKEA piece as a future antique.  Real wood stands the test of time.

Here sits my Grandmother Nonie Franklin’s solid wood trunk, complete with receipt from 1933 taped inside the lid.  My Grandparents and the lessons they taught are truly the foundation of this Great Country.  They worked hard, producing items I still genuinely love and cherish and use today. My Great Grandfather George Franklin was a blacksmith. I am honored to use his andirons in our fireplace.  I sit at my Great Grandmother’s piano bench to dress each day.  I believe and was taught to buy once, buy good, and you will never have to replace it. 

We are proud of the products our company represents.  Each day we are so graciously reminded by our loyal customers.  We would love to be able to “buy it now” in the wood, size, finish and style and deliver it tomorrow but that is still unrealistic if you want it to last. While weeks seems like an eternity, in the long run the furniture you invest in will serve you for generations. 

And our furniture does not arrive in a microscopic box with 47 pages of instructions.