McKenzie Bedroom Collection

Furniture in the Raw is proud to offer the Whittier Wood McKenzie Bedroom Collection. This is high quality furniture made with all wood.

The McKenzie Bedroom Collection come in two finishes: Glazed Antique Cherry, Cafe, or unfinished. The styling is traditional with raised panels

Whittier is based in Eugene, Oregon and is known not just for their stylish furniture, but for the company’s commitment to the environment and sustainability.

The Whittier Wood family has been manufacturing quality, real wood furniture for more than three generations. As the industry leader of ready to assemble, easy to assemble and ready to finish furniture, Whittier Wood emphasizes quality construction, attractive styling and affordability.

“Offering quality real wood furniture at a price you can afford is our guiding principle,” said Scott Whittier, president of Whittier Wood Products.

Whittier Wood was established in 1975 by Gordon Whittier and Evert Slijper. They purchased a small, wood component manufacturing facility located in Eugene, Oregon. In addition to making components for other furniture companies, the two decided to see if complete furniture kits could be sold in the growing DIY marketplace.

Several ready-to-assemble (RTA) manufacturers had established themselves as well as many ready-to-finish (RTF) manufacturers. Gordon Whittier and Evert Slijper decided to offer customers a combination of ready to assemble and ready to finish.

The goal was to save the consumer money over comparable quality hardwood furniture. Gordon and Evert’s experience showed them the cost of furniture was driven primarily by intensive labor and costly materials. By giving the consumer the ability to assemble with simple household tools and finish in a color of their choice, not only did the consumer save money, they had a piece of furniture uniquely their own. This proved to be a wise choice as customization and crafting have only grown in popularity.

Both men had extensive lumber experience and saw the value in the northwest native Alder hardwood species. It has strength, a fine grain and smooth texture. By many local woodworkers, it had been known as the great imitator. The beauty of Alder is that it could be stained to match other more expensive hardwoods at a fraction of the price.

The amazing Alder tree is capable of growing to a height of 12′-15′ in just 15 months. In 10-15 years, it has reached its mature height of 30′-40′. Today, due to the introduction of Alder to a broader market by Whittier Wood Products, the species is highly regarded and sought after by fine furniture manufacturers around the world. This increase in demand continues to insure support for a decade’s long replanting program.

Whittier Wood believes that they can provide a high quality product made from natural resources while still supporting the environment.

Over 91% of the lumber Whittier Wood purchases is shipped as furniture parts. The unusable portion of lumber (such as knots or bark) is cut out and ground into sawdust. This material is reclaimed and sold to make particle board, briquettes, wood pellets and pulp for paper.

Whittier Wood uses the highest possible amount of recycled paper in our cartons (65%-70%), while maintaining the integrity of the carton. Factory wide, they recycle paper, metal, cardboard, glass and oil.

Whittier Wood’s production facility and distribution center is located in Eugene, Oregon. The company also owns a second production facility in Vietnam.

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