What A Year (so far)

Regardless of the way 2020 ended, it was one for the history books!  We thought with the slowing of the pandemic, things would normalize somewhat.  It has been far from that, in reality. Here at Furniture in the Raw we want to remind you how much we sincerely value our customers, friends, and family.  We are truly humbled each and every day.  We have zero insight at what the future holds right now, but we hope and pray we all emerge healthy. 

We remain true to our goal, to provide real wood furniture finished the way you want, coupled with superior customer service. Our industry will continue to have supply chain issues and we will do everything in our power to mitigate the effects. We are committed to our customer and will continue to work to earn your business today and tomorrow.

Our newest challenge is the labor shortage.  Our business is most effected by the trucking industry.  Furniture (even made in America furniture) ships and the multitude of our trucking partners have a backlog of trailers, full and ready to roll, without enough drivers to haul them.  2 weeks transits are now SIX WEEKS.  Thankfully we import very little as that industry is in an even grander catastrophe.  Factor in the backlog from the Suez Canal fiasco, a crippling February freeze, a pandemic, to name a few. Talk about a Crazy time for the world.  Or is it WHIRLED? 

On behalf of everyone here at Furniture in the Raw, we wish you continued health and happiness! Please reach out if we can help in any way.


The Greenlee Family