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Shaker Murphy Bed RETIRED

Furniture in the Raw

Premium mattress included

Our fold away beds are extremely popular making any space an instant bedroom. The Furniture in the Raw Shaker Murphy Bed is a cinch to open and close.

Choose your size and finish.

Murphy Bed

Need an office by day and a spare bedroom by night? Then you need a Furniture in the Raw Shaker Murphy Bed.

The Murphy Bed is a tried and true space saver and they look great in the raised and lower position.

We are the factory! Our locally made, all wood fold away beds are extremely popular because they can double your room space and look good doing it. The Furniture in the Raw Murphy Bed is a cinch to open and close. You can lift a foldable bed with one finger. The design uses a hydraulic piston system to provide strong, generous support when raising and lowering the fold out bed.

They feature front panels that drop down with the bed and disappear under the mattress, allowing easy access to optional bedside cabinets.

The premium innerspring mattresses is included and comfortable

The Kennedy Mattress is a premium mattress that is perfect to use in a Wall bed or a Murphy Bed. They are made by Corsicana Bedding in East Texas. They are very comfortable and feature a luxury quilted top.

We have four space saving bed sizes (Twin, Full, Queen, and King) that open either vertically or horizontally.

Furniture in the Raw fold away beds are made from real maple and oak and are manufactured right here in Central Texas. That is in the USA!

  • Easy lifts and stores using a piston system hardware
  • Choose maple or oak
  • 10.5″ thick premium mattress is included
  • unfinished or 6 finish options
  • Optional side cabinets call for options
  • Optional light system call for options
  • Professional installation may be available from FITR
  • Made in Texas by Furniture in the Raw

Is it a Murphy Bed? Wall Bed? Fold away bed?

The Murphy Bed, also commonly referred to as a:

  • Wall bed
  • Fold up bed
  • Fold away bed
  • Foldable bed
  • Pull out bed
  • Hideaway beds

At Furniture in the Raw we just call them Murphy Beds and our customers love them.

History of the Murphy Bed

The Murphy bed is named for William Lawrence Murphy (1876–1959). Murphy applied for his first patents for a fold away bed around 1900.

What inspired Murphy to design the bed? According to legend, he was wooing an opera singer, but living in a one-room apartment in San Francisco, and the moral code of the time frowned upon a woman entering a man’s bedroom.

So Murphy invented the fold out bed and converted his bedroom into a parlor, enabling him to entertain guests without breaking the moral code of the day.

Sears had introduced foldup beds through the Sears, Roebuck & Co. catalog, but Murphy introduced pivot and counterbalanced designs for which he received a series of patents, including one for a “Disappearing Bed”. Murphy’s design made the bed simple and safe to use.

Murphy beds are used for space-saving purposes, much like trundle beds, and are popular where floor space is limited, such as small homes, apartments, hotels, mobile homes and college dormitories. In recent years, these fold up beds have included options such as lighting, storage cabinets, and office components.

Murphy’s patent has since expired. In 1989, the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled that the term “Murphy Bed” had entered common usage and was no longer eligible for protection.

Additional information

Weight 150 lbs


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