• The Original Beeswax
  • The Original Beeswax

The Original Bees Wax


The Original Beeswax

The #1 product recommended by professionals ships free!

There is only one Original Beeswax!  Since 1974 Bees Wax has been America’s Premier Furniture Polish.  Furniture in the Raw proudly sells this product and it does so much more than clean and polish furniture.  Restore the natural beauty of wood, prevent dryness, and no fingerprints!  

The Original Beeswax has been featured and admired by many professionals.  The Antiques Roadshow named The Original Beeswax the best furniture polish available on the market! House Beautiful also named the Bees Wax the best furniture polish in the world!

This product does it all.  Use it on wood, leather, marble, granite, wrought iron, stainless steel and even glass and mirrors.  The beeswax cleans, moisturizes, and restores vibrant color to leather, furniture, car seats, shoes, purses, etc.  

No fingertips, no wax buildup, no buffing!

Some other practical uses include car windshield (prevents fogging). gun stocks, musical instruments, artificial flowers, eliminates sticking on wood and metal drawers and so much more!

Is Anti-Static and actually repels dust and dirt. It’s great for televisions and computer screens.  It leaves screens crystal clear and dust free.

Bathroom mirrors won’t fog and make glass seem invisible like it’s not even there.  It’s anti-static and repels dust so surfaces remain cleaner longer. Stainless steel won’t fingerprint!  Try it on all other metals: copper, brass, silver, etc.

Never greasy, our beeswax makes granite, marble, Corian, and Silestone acid resistant to protect from spills of acidic liquids such as coffee and orange juice.  It’s food safe for counter tops and never greasy.

Always spray directly on surface. Use only paper towels and c
otton cloths
DO NOT USE microfiber cloths.  
Do not use on tile, linoleum wood, tub or shower floor.

No Fingerprints……ever – No Wax Buildup……ever – No Buffing……ever