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Vivo Live Edge Martini Table


International Furniture Direct

So Very Beautiful and Unique

Solid Parota Wood Side Table

The Vivo Live Edge Martini Table takes live edge to your living room. Made of Solid Parota Wood, each unique table has its own personality and each is as heavy as this solid wood table appears.

The Table is part of the International Furniture Direct Vivo Live Edge Collection.  

Built with 100% solid Parota wood. The Parota tree is appreciated for its longevity and vibrant dark golden grain. This type of wood has a natural two-tone that  offers unique character in its variations of tone and depth. 

Each piece will slightly vary in shape, size, and appearance. 

Match the coffee table with the matching sofa table and round end tables. This is solid wood that lasts a lifetime.  

Have a question on this collection? Contact our Customer Care team at 512-451-0213 or email to order direct.

Please allow 8-10 weeks for shipment of this product.  Each piece is unique and a true art form!

Real wood, not fake wood

Real wood has a strength that stands the test of time.

Many competitor products use particle board (also called MDF) that is covered in a laminate (plastic that has a wood look). If any part of the laminate or veneer peels away, the exposed particle board will crumble. The moisture expands the particle board and is not repairable.

Furniture in the Raw only represents solid wood on this product.  


  • 1.Unique, live edge
    2.Four-step lacquer finish with a clear coating to enhance natural beauty of the wood
    3.100% hand wrought iron on legs

    Martini Table w/ Iron Base
    Dim: 15 to 17 x 15 to 17 x 26
    Wt: 22 lb lb
  • sizes will vary with each unique piece.


Solid Live Edge Tables are for indoor use only.
1) To clean our products use a dry cloth only or a slightly moist cloth with water if necessary. The use of abrasive cleaners might affect the quality and look of the finish of your piece.
2) If your piece experiences slight movements of wood, use a wood finish stain marker if necessary.


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