• Birdcage Dining Side Chair

Birdcage Dining Side Chair

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FX Fabric Options
Unfinished parawood
unfinished ready to stain or paint
WM49 Clear Coat
WM941-Bleached White Washed
WM41 Bleached White
Bleached White(aged) AG41
Marigold Paint WM62
Forest Paint WM35
WM18 Khaki
WM24 Driftwood
WM02-Snow White
Aged Snow White AG02
Pearl Paint WM60
WM50 Claystone
WM52 Celeste Navy
WM51 Smoke
Aged Khaki AG18
WM12 Sea Mist
WM30 Black Onyx
WM53 Red Cherry
Farmhouse Red(aged) AG13
Aged Black Onyx AG30
Driftwood AG24
Pearl Paint WM60
WM35 AG35 Nautical Navy Paint
Aged Sea Mist AG12
Exhalted Blue Washed WM908
Moss Washed WM905
Forest Paint WM35
Marigold Paint WM62
Coral WM58
WM45 Ginger
WM44 Glenoak
WM77 Candlelite
WM84 Aged Cherry
WM43 Cottage Oak
WM82 Rosewood
WM42 Charcoal
WM88 Walnut
WM54 Coffee
WM40 Espresso
WM89 Quarry

The Birdcage Dining Side Chair is a highly styled wood chair with a “birdcage” design for the back. This gives the chair a Victorian-type look.

Birdcage Dining Side Chair also has curved legs and a scooped seat for extra comfort.

Choose your paint or stain finish and upholstered seating or a wood seat.

This chair includes your choice of upholstered seating or a wood seat. Current upholstery options are available here.  When your order is confirmed, Customer Service will confirm your fabric selection. You will also have the option of providing your own.

These chairs are also made from environmentally sustainable solid wood (parawood).

Note: Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of finished  chairs.

Options and features

  • Solid wood
  • Shaped wood or upholstered seat
  • Paint and stain finishes  
  • Finished chairs fully assembled


  • Assembled chair: 23.75″W x 20.5″D x 42″H

Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 42 × 19 in
Choose Seat Option


Standard Finish

Heather Gray, Unfinished, Clear Coat WM49, Bleached White Stain WM941, Bleached White Paint WM41, Aged Bleach White Paint AG41, Marigold Paint WM62, Forest Paint WM35, Khaki Paint WM18, Driftwood Paint WM24, Snow White Paint WM02, Aged Snow White Paint AG02, Pearl Paint WM60, Bark Paint WM87, Claystone Paint WM50, Celeste Navy Paint WM52, Smoke Paint WM51, Aged Khaki Paint AG18, Sea Mist Paint WM12, Black Paint WM30, Red Cherry Paint WM53, Aged Farmhouse Red AG13, Aged Black Paint AG30, Black Onyx Washed WM930, Aged Driftwood Paint AG24, Aged Pearl Paint AG60, Barn Door WM55, Slate WM57, Baja WM56, Aged Nautical Navy AG35, Aged Sea Mist Paint AG12, Exhalted Blue WM908, Moss Washed WM905, Aged Forest Paint AG35, Aged Marigold Paint AG62, Coral WM58, Ginger WM45, Glenoak WM44, Candlelite WM77, Aged Cherry WM84, Cottage Oak WM43, Rosewood WM82, Charcoal WM42, Walnut WM88, Coffee WM54, Espresso WM40, Quarry WM89


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