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McKenzie Step Back Bookcase Collection Unfinished

From: $619.99

Whittier Wood Furniture

Bases and Hutches

Made in the USA

From one to an entire wall

Unfinished for your DIY project

No additional charge for Custom Trims

Solid Wood Cabinets Made in the USA by Whittier Wood Products

The McKenzie Step Back Bookcase Collection unfinished are made from eco friendly American Alder and Birch wood. The bookcases have a traditional soft arch design and a beveled top. These are 100% built and finished in the USA.  We call this the Dream Wall program.  One base cabinet with or without the hutch top or we can combine several for an entire wall.

These solid wood cabinets are perfect for an office, a study or living room and have the look of built in bookcases. Regardless of your space, we have a cabinet size for you. 

Whittier Wood uses high level craftsmanship. These wooden cabinets come in four widths with or without the hutch.  Custom trim multiple cabinets together for a beautiful storage wall. 

Shipping charges calculate in the cart based on zip code.  Our bases and hutches ship fully assembled and the hutches include mounting hardware.  Custom trim on multiple cabinets and corner connectors are a great option with this Dream Wall program.  In addition, our team may find you savings with shipping charges and it’s worth a call. The cabinets generally ship in about 6 to 8 weeks. We are open 7 days a week and hope to earn your business.  Combining multiple bookcases or products will also save on shipping.  Contact our customer care team about your options.  512-451-0213 or email

Sustainable, Abundant American Red Alder

Whittier Wood is very conscious about it’s use of wood and the environment. That’s why Whittier uses American red alder wood for it’s furniture. Alder regenerates naturally and grows quickly and prolifically.

Our Alder products are made from Alder certified to the international standard Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC™). For more information on the PEFC program, please visit www.pefc.org.

Alder is a beautiful hardwood that is similar to cherry wood. It grows in the Pacific Northwest along a 125 mile-wide strip along the West Coast that stretches from Alaska to Northern California. The largest concentration of Alder stands just north of Portland, Oregon.

Red alder is almost white when freshly cut,but quickly changes on exposure to air to light brown with a yellow or reddish tinge. Alder machines well and is excellent for turning and polishing.

DIY customers can refer to our Finishing Instructions  

Bookcase features

  • Made with solid wood, 100% American Alder and Red Birch
  • Dowel and pocket screw construction for strength and durability
  • Fitted backs for structural strength
  • Fully assembled
  • Adjustable glides on all units
  • Click Here for the brochure
  • Click Here for desks and file options
  • Unfinished ready to paint or stain
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Adjustable door hinges
  • Hutches include mounting hardware for cabinets
  • Hutches have cord cutouts in the back
  • Hutches include tipping restraint
  • Hutches include 3 adjustable shelves (6 in the 48″ wide)
  • No Additional Charge to custom trim
  • Fixed center shelves for stability
  • 48″ wide cabinets and hutches have a center divider with adjustable shelves on both sides
  • Base Cabinets include 1 adjustable shelf (2 in the 48″ wide)
  • Base Cabinet shelf depth is 14.5″ 
  • Fitted back for structural strength
  • Attractive crown molding
  • Click here for full bookcase detail and instructions

Cabinet Sizes  

  • Base Cabinet Width Options: 24 3/4″, 30 3/4″, 36 3/4″ and 48 3/4″ 
  • Base Cabinets: all 33.25″High
  • Base Cabinet Depth: all 16 7/8″
  • Hutch: all 51 1/8″ High x 11″ Deep (add 1.75″ for trim to hutch width)
  • Overall Height: 84″ Base and Hutch 
  • 30″ (adjustable shelves are 28.25 x 11″)
  • 36″ (adjustable shelves are 34.25 x 11″)
  • 48″  (adjustable shelves are 22.75 x 11″)

Additional information

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24 inch, 30 inch, 36 inch, 48 inches

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