San Antonio Home and Garden Show 2020

We look forward to showing the newest in our Cabinet Bed line up.  The San Antonio Home and Garden show is among the top rated shows in the nation.  This show allows us the opportunity to show the newest and most innovative sleep solutions available.  Whether you are outfitting a tiny home, a vacation home, or turning an office into a dual function as an additional sleep space, the Cabinet Beds are the #1 sleep solution.

The Home and Garden show brings tens of thousands of customers to our booth who have never seen these beds in person.  While there are countless videos out there showing how they open and close, seeing them in person is another experience.  They are easy to open and close, but the absolute biggest aspect of this bed that impresses our customer is the COMFORT.  The memory foam mattress is among the most comfortable mattresses available.  When it’s inside the cabinet it’s hard to believe it can possibly be thick enough or quality enough to deliver the good night sleep for you or your occasional guest.

The Cabinet Bed takes up less than 10 square feet making it fit in any room in your home. The cabinets vary in design and finishes to compliment any decor.  The storage drawer is included in every bed so you’ll have space to store linens, 

Read our reviews.  Come by the show if you are in the San Antonio area.  We would love the chance to show you how you can make any space a bedroom in under a minute.  

All the products that we will be showing can be a great investment. They sport a great design, comfortable, functional, and will allow you to have a bed or extra storage space in no time.

So, are you ready to buy one? If yes, come by the show or call us this weekend for the best deal of the year!