Real Wood vs. Particle Board

real_wood_logoFurniture in the Raw takes great pride in the fact that our furniture is made from real wood and is particle board free.

Why don’t you want particle board furniture from a “big box” store? It simply doesn’t hold up. And for many consumers, particle board and cardboard is not an acceptable material for furniture.

Need proof? On a recent visit to an Austin, Texas Target we found that particle board furniture doesn’t even hold together in the store.

A white 3 drawer chest was completely out of square and swayed side to side. The drawers were unable to open and close and the particle board was chipped along the bottom.

A dark Target bar stool had a large crack on the right side and obvious finish problems. A red stool was splintered where the leg screwed in.

We sell ready to assemble furniture too, but our furniture is made from real wood and built to last.