The Future of Furniture Buying

Over the last 15 years the retail environment has certainly changed.  One thing that does not change is our focus on real wood and commitment to deliver furniture to last a lifetime. 

In today’s internet world studies show most of us research products prior to visiting a physical store.  Our online presence is backed up with a great in store experience. 

For years, Furniture in the Raw successfully ships larger more expensive items like Cabinet Beds and custom home office and libraries. E Commerce giants such as Wayfair and Amazon, have begun to expand this end of their business models.  Most purchases made online with them are small items like lamps. Because of our success, Amazon has been hounding us to sell through them! We feel strongly we do not need them to continue the growth of our small business.

Besides our buying habits via online versus in store, lets talk about what is right for the environment.  Studies show baby boomers buy cheap, disposable furniture.  They value affordability over durability. This is the same generation saddled with the overflowing landfills. Buying a piece of furniture only to throw it away in a year makes zero sense.  Not only does the furniture end up in our landfill, it’s comprised of toxic materials that make us sick and pollute our Earth!  

That is what keeps us going! My heart is filled with sentiments from customers each and every day.  Yesterday I received this lovely email from long time customer Sheila Conlee, “I purchased my entertainment center back in 1988 from your store you had in Abilene TX. I think I paid @ $179 for it. Thought it was great because we could do whatever we wanted to with it to match our style. Over the years and several moves since then, I still have it with me. It has endured all those moves and still just as sturdy as the day I bought it. It was probably one of the best investments I have made as far as buying furniture. I have gone thru several of those put together bookcases, which never last long and yet yours has. It is nice to know that there is still true American made products out there that do last a lifetime, thank you!”

You cannot make this stuff up!  We build and represent only quality wood products and hope we can earn your business!

With the explosion of the housing market our business continues to grow.  The demand for real wood furniture is on the rise as folks learn about the contents of mass produced, imported furniture.  Not only is it disposable, it’s about to get a lot more expensive with impending tariffs.  As prices rise, the quality will remain the same.

Real wood will once again, represent the best value. 

See you soon! 

Harriet Greenlee