Why Furniture in the Raw is not Affected by Furniture Import Tariffs

Many years ago FITR (Furniture in the Raw) was at an impasse. We had to make a decision. Either import cheap, particle board Chinese furniture, or take a hard approach and take the stnace to continue on with 100% real wood. 

The market was flooded with flat packed, ready to assemble cheap furniture. The Chinese government subsidized factories to successfully put the Mom and Pop small, and countless large manufacturers bankrupt.  It worked.  We lost some market share because we did not want our customer to have something they would not be satisfied owning.  Our customer is not part of the disposable era, commonly referred to as, “floss and toss.”  It’s not us and it never will be.  

We do, when it makes since, import from other countries when necessary due to the fact we are such a highly global economy.  This allows us to provide the best value for our customer.  In addition to a vast representation of furniture, we always have our local factory and finish shop ready to create the piece for you.  

The good news, our furniture lasts.  Real wood is real. 

We thank our customers and team members for 42 years. Enjoy!