Furniture Maker Profile: Whitewood Industries

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Furniture in the Raw is proud to carry furniture from Whitewood Industries made right here in the U.S. with solid wood construction.

If you are considering Whitewood Furniture, then you may be interested in a little history about the company and their dedication to furniture making.

Whitewood Industries was founded in 1979 in Greensboro, NC. Whitewood began as a wholesaler to ready-to-finish furniture retail stores throughout the Eastern United States.

whitewood logoIn 1985, Whitewood moved to Jamestown, NC and expanded into juvenile furniture, while continuing to sell ready-to-finish furniture. In 1987 the company began importing components/parts to then assemble chairs, stools, etc to enhance the service and value to its customers.

In 1990, the owners of Whitewood purchased its first facility in Thomasville, NC and the company moved again. The new building more than tripled available warehouse space. Finished furniture was added to the Whitewood lineup, and new customers were pursued for this product assortment. In mid 1994, Whitewood purchased a second facility in Thomasville which brought total manufacturing, office and warehouse space to well in excess of 250,000 sq. feet.

By 2000, the finished furniture product line was showing significant growth and the “John Thomas Furniture” division was created. John Thomas began and remains a complete solid wood casual dining supplier ranging from promotionally priced products up to solid wood custom casual dining.

In 2004 John Thomas quickly realized it had a golden opportunity to offer already warehoused ready-to-finish products in custom factory finishes, thus launching SELECT by John Thomas. SELECT offers 36 paint/stain options on a variety of solid wood products available in four-to-six weeks. Our goal is to continue enhancing the program with new product offerings and finish options from year to year. The SELECT program has experienced great success and will remain a focal point for growth in the John Thomas division forwardly.

In 2006, as a result of creating SELECT’s success, Whitewood once again expanded with a third facility located in High Point NC serving as a warehouse and secondary distribution center. Today total manufacturing, office and warehouse space is well in excess of 400,000 sq. feet.