Furniture Maker Profile: Home Trends & Design

Home Trends Design Classic Harvest

The Home Trends Design Classic Harvest Table is made of solid sustainable mango wood.

One of the hottest and most popular furniture makers right now is Austin-based Home Trends & Design.

“The line is hot because it’s substantial. If you compare the look to other brands, you see the quality of the craftsmanship and how much heavier the pieces are made. The finish is smooth and holds up better,” said Furniture in the Raw owner Harriet Greenlee.

“The line sells well across the board. We’ve seen an influx of customers buying the free form tables. We are seeing a surge in the Brutus and Tao collections in dining. The Colonial Plantation round table that is forever on demand.”

Home Trends & Design is unique in that all of their living room, bedroom, and dining room furniture is made from sustainable and reclaimed solid wood.

“Their designs are Texas big with bold with rich finishes. The fact that their furniture is environmentally sustainable makes it all the better.” said Greenlee.

Mango is their primary wood of choice. Mango is a hardwood that is perfectly suited for furniture and is finishes well. It’s also considered a sustainable wood that grows quickly.

Eco-sustainability is an important part of the Home Trends story.

Home Trends & Design is one of the Founding Members of the Sustainable Furnishing Council, a group of manufacturers that promotes eco-friendly practices.

Home Trends designers work primarily with mango and acacia trees for their solid wood furniture, as well as reclaimed wood from other sources.

Not only does their choice of materials lead to beautiful and long-lasting furniture, meaning it won’t have to be replaced as often, but it also reduces the carbon footprint involved in their manufacturing.

Home Trends started in Austin in 2005 and has been named to the Inc 5000 and the top fifty fastest growing companies in Austin.

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