Furniture in the Raw is Bar and Restaurant Tough

We often tell our customers how durable and strong real, solid wood furniture is and how weak big box furniture is.

Now we have proof from bar and restaurant owners Damian Mandola and Stacey and Adam Dudley.

Austin TV celebrity chef and author Damian Mandola runs three Austin area restaurants called Mandola’s Italian Markets. Mandola is also one of the founders of Carrabba’s Italian Grill.

Mandola knows the restaurant business and he knows how to furnish an upscale dining room.

“We serve 350 to 650 people a day depending on what day of the week it is,” said Mandola.

“As any┬árestaurateur knows, furniture in a restaurant, especially a high volume restaurant takes a beating. This furniture is going on 7-years-old and it’ still strong. I hope it’ll last another 15 years.”

When Mandola opened his Austin restaurants in 2006, he knew exactly how he wanted to furnish his dining rooms, He wanted knew furniture, but he wanted it to look old and well-worn.

Mandola had a picture of a stool that had the unique weathered finish he wanted Furniture in the Raw finishing experts to recreate.

The nice folks at Furniture in the Raw had one of their finishing persons create a sample of what I wanted. I ended up with thre colors of tables, red, white and green,” said Mandola.

Mandola says that big box or compressed wood furniture doesn’t cut it in his restaurants.

“A lot of restaurant furniture is made from compressed wood and laminate. I wasn’t looking for that. What I wanted was real solid wood. And Furniture in the Raw has a great selection, great prices and they finished my furniture to my specifications,” said Mandola.

Stacey and Adam Dudley are the owners of The Dudley’s Wine Bar and Tap Room in Dripping Springs, Texas. Bars are a rough environment for bars, even upscale wine bars like The Dudley’s.

“We have great customers and they are respectful of all of our stuff, but the furniture still takes a beating,” said Adam Dudley, owner of The Dudley’s Wine Bar and Tap Room in Dripping Springs, Texas.

The Dudley’s needed some couch and pub seating and they turned to design experts at Furniture in the Raw.

“When we told the folks what we were looking for, they had several ideas for us and walked us through them. Today, the couches are still shiny and the tables and chairs still look new,” said Dudley.

“When people walk in to The Dudley’s, it has to be like walking into their own homes. The furniture has to be comfortable and quality,’ said Stacey Dudley.

“They have to feel like they are in their own living rooms. The furniture we bought could be used in a home or office and be just as comfortable either way.”

The Dudley’s furniture is from the Whitewood John Thomas Collection.