Furniture in the Raw goes to High Point Market 2013 in North Carolina

This year was our first trip to High Point Market in High Point , North Carolina. This is one of the largest and most important conventions for furniture retailers. A lot of makes it way into the stores is bought at High Point.

The focus of our trip was to find real wood furniture for Furniture in the Raw customers, so we stayed away from everything else.

The High Point Market is overwhelming. It’s gigantic. We found ourselves drawn to the hot items:  reclaimed lumber, specialty finishes, and other unusual items.

We looked long and hard at buying imported versus American made furniture. But our company’s focus is on fair trade, sustainable lumber practices, and quality that meets or exceeds our expectations.  That usually leads us to American made furniture.

We also renewed our commitment to the manufacturers in Texas. This includes Inwood, a Texas company that manufactures our wall beds (Murphy Beds). New designs will be on our showroom floors in the next 45 days.  

We toured three furniture factories, including Whitewood’s upholstery factory, finishing facility, and warehouse.

We’ll let our customers know when the new furniture comes in from  our High Point Market trip.