Focus on America Made Products

One look at our website and you see an overwhelming variety of product.  It all has one thing in common being it’s wood.  Living in a global society we always supported sustainably sourced products from around the world.  We have many North American manufacturers.  In addition, Texas is proudly home to our manufacturing and finishing facility in Buda, Texas, and the Yarbrough custom shop just outside of Dallas. As a family business it humbles us that we’re able to keep up this crazy business.  It’s complicated but please allow me to elaborate. 

It started out in the 70’s, you know, the “unfinished” furniture store. Walk in and buy a bookcase and a can of stain and go home and get the job done.  We attended trade shows where we formed bonds with others with similar dreams.  Real wood furniture, right?  Fast forward to today and you see 10% or less unfinished stores remain.  Most stores are long gone but without regard to Covid, the stores closed at alarming rates.  Transformations either happened, or you closed your store. Slowly but surely most fell by the wayside.  

Made in the USA

Throughout the years our customer echoed the same mantra:  Make it for ME, my way.  And so we evolved.  We saw the writing on the wall.  We formed and strengthened the alliance with American manufacturers capable of custom. Nearly 20 years ago we recognized the need for smaller space furniture. Having a vision has served us well.

Today as we sit in our homes and shop online, we have products folks feel confident buying.  Know when you trade with our company you are buying local, buying real, and investing in a product that will not just serve you and your family, but future generations as well.  

Right now we realize the value of our American manufacturers.  Most are Mom and Pop businesses, companies such as, Trend Manor, Yarbrough Designs, Troutman Rocking Chairs, Wallbeds Inc, and a few others.  Take a look at their offerings and see what we can do to help with your project.  We are all open, machinery buzzing, cranking out beautiful furnishings.

There is no better time than the present to focus your buying habits right here on this continent.  Buy American!