Elderly driver crashes through Furniture in the Raw showroom

Driver steps on the gas instead of the brake

An 80-year old woman drove her Volvo station wagon through the front of the Furniture in the Raw Austin showroom on Nov. 5. The car took out a large storefront glass window and damaged a lot of very fine wood furniture.


The Volvo made its way through the store front and was stopped by a solid wood Tao Bench.

Thankfully, no one was hurt and the elderly driver was a sweet woman who was very sorry about what happened.

We estimate that there is at least $25,000 damage to the store and in furniture damage. The car ran into one of most popular dining sets, the Tao Dining Collection from Home Trends and Design.

An army of Austin firefighters and police showed up. We also made news on every TV station in town.

We want people to know we are still open and if you are looking for some deals, stop in at the Austin showroom. There is a scratch and dent sale going on!

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