Define Normal

It started with a little chatter at the January 2020 World Furniture Market in Vegas.  People were getting sick?

I looked up the word, normal.  “The usual, average, or typical state or condition.” Let that sink in for a moment.  Will we ever go back to “normal?’ 

It’s going to be a long time.  The scars of the year will impact my life until my last breath.  Each of us has been in a boxing ring.  Just when we try and climb out, we are jerked back in, only to get punched more.  Most of us are not trained boxers, we did not ask for this match and I hate to say I see many wobbly knees out there, about to buckle and drop.  Stay up, my friends.  It’s nowhere close to over. Train more, train harder. Recruit trainers.

Life and businesses are interrupted.  Countless lives have been taken.  Too many businesses have shuttered their doors forever.  I am crying. I have been paying attention.  We all have personal stories and none of us is exempt from the aftermath. 

It’s still unfolding!

The pandemic is real and will effect the furniture industry for decades. Our supply chain has not only been interrupted, but there is no relief in the foreseeable future. We have taken for granted the “click and it’s done” way of consuming.  It’s over for many products in our industry.  What was once a quickly flowing supply of raw materials, is now a trickle if anything.  Companies based here in the USA are crippled.  The trucking industry has been crippled with continued demand.  There is a shortage of workers.  People are either scared to come back to work or not willing to return for a myriad of reasons.  We all are being stretched to then ends of our abilities.  

And it’s not over. 

We appreciate your business. We appreciate your understanding.  The last thing we want to do is inform you that your order is delayed.  It’s not just our industry but every.

Human life is my NUMBER ONE CONCERN.  We will do everything possible to get your furniture to you as best as we can and as quickly as possible.

Thank you to everyone and may you be safe and have a HEALTHY and HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON. We will continue to see the good in all and spread good cheer and also wishing all the small, FAMILY businesses everything they need to survive and thrive as we move forward. 

With Gratitude,

Harriet Greenlee