Challenge & The State of Texas

I’m not from ’round here.  Growing up in small town Illinois I often spoke of Texas while growing up.  It continued into my teens and ultimately my 20’s. Clueless as to where that came from I answered my call to venture south. I packed a rented van, bought an old rickety horse trailer, loaded my bottle raised orphan mare, Tabby, and we headed south.  Sight unseen, I landed in Austin, Texas.  A friend of a friend of a friend had horses and generously welcomed us. I was raised in the furniture business.  My Father had a factory in Rock Island, Illinois.  My new Austin friend, coincidently, was in the furniture business. And so it began!

Every person I met in this dream became my reality.  It was love.  It was life. It was the pursuit of my happiness.  These individuals help form what we have right here.  It’s not something one can explain.  I just tell people that Texas is a religion, not a state.  Few non Texans might understand.

This past week my fellow MOT (members of Texas) were put to another challenge.  In my 40 years in Texas I had never seen this, I grew up in it and did not care to see it ever again.  What I did experience, however, was a typical outpouring of humanitarian gestures by our neighbors and complete strangers.  We will forever remember this one.

The year of challenge just got another wallop!  The year of challenge will also have more. What we will do, is continue to handle them with grace and an outpouring of love and compassion and assistance for all.  

Shop local, my friends.  Think about every time you buy and consume and our choices we make.  These are all about choice.  Are you doing what is in the best interest of the community?  Are you speaking to the personnel with respect and getting respect?  Are you performing gestures of kindness?  Did you leave a heartfelt review? A wave, a smile, a salutation.  It’s a great way to start and I highly recommend it.  

Among my fond memories of my move South was opening my bank account.  The man in front of me was speaking to the banker about his cows.  ABSURD to think I have the time to hear about bovine culture.  That banker was so engaged in this conversation and I had a terribly hard time thinking this might be of interest to anyone.  I witnessed these organic conversations between generations often.  They are beautiful and I also experience them often. Another recollection was Polk feed store. It was there I witnessed Ann Richards purchase the first lottery ticket sold in the State.  At 6am every morning you’d find a group of the old geezers sitting around drinking some strong coffee, chewing the fat. I loved being an occasional part of that. Priceless memories.

Today I would love nothing more than to have you come by the showroom and talk to me about your cows.  I’d love to hear how Bessie is doing!

We are back open and speak local!   

To Brighter Days Ahead,

Harriet Greenlee