Certainly the last few months have been a test.  While this test is new, the questions and answers are being written as I type.   I read and listen to my industry partners and the news continues to get more troubling every day.  I watch friends make tough decisions to close their businesses after a lifetime of sweat. 

We are a hard working, small businesses. None are immune to challenge.  We just don’t know the challenges and are all experiencing them at the same time, at various levels.

Our industry is experiencing product shortages.  It is no secret going in to any store today, you will find empty shelves or shelves filled with the only available products at the time.  Manufacturers are discontinuing lines in record numbers as they become scarce with little chance for replenishment any time soon.

Our lives are disrupted.  Our buying habits are being renovated.  Life as we know it has taken a drastic turn.  

From where I stand I can tell you what I have seen and what actions our company is taking to help continue in our new normal. 

I have seen both good and bad behavior.  That goes for all of us!  We are all frustrated and looking for a golden buzzer that someone hits and makes this all go away.  So far, nobody is hitting the buzzer.  Until then, lets see how we can best live together in harmony.  At least with regard to furniture!

This past 7 days I heard multiple similar stories:  I bought at XYZ store or online and after weeks of waiting (some waited months) they received notice of unavailable product.  Tis the season!  While we have seen very little product availability issues in our store, I would be dishonest if I said we had not experienced a few.  If your business model is dependent on foreign product, you may want to re think your supply chain. Luckily most of ours are in North America.   

While we settle in to our new normal ways of moving forward, we see many changes in how we procure our necessities.  Each day is a new challenge and we are all in this together. 

I ask you to join me in being kind.  I ask you to join me in practicing patience.  I commend our amazing staff at their commitment and our customers for their continued business.