Austin Showroom Remodel


Our new service counter is made in Texas!

Last year we completly revamped our Austin showroom floor so our customers could see and experience more furniture. 

Austin Office Manager Cassie Walden

Austin Office Manager Cassie Walden

Now we have opened up even more room for customers by relocating our service counter. It’s now in the back of the store and we are very proud of it.

The new service area was custom built in Texas by our friends at Inwood Furniture. They make our very popular Murphy Beds.

It was custom designed by our Austin Office Manager Cassie Walden. Cassie is also one of our computer aided design (CAD) artists.

“Our new counter is not only sleek and professional but allows the customer service team to work efficiently. With our designated work areas and our files within reach we are functioning better as a team.” Cassie said.

“I love our new work space and am excited to show it off.”

Inwood and Furniture in the Raw designed a beautiful custom counters with flat panel styling and is made out of maple.

January is one of our busiest months of the year so we had to get the counter installed quickly. Thanks to Inwood for the wonderful wood design and thanks to the Furniture in the Raw team for getting it installed and up and running.

It’s beautiful. It’s functional. It’s real. Sometimes we walk by and pinch ourselves to believe it’s real.